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Grades 9 - 12


Hours:  7:15 am - 1:52 pm


Principal: Tim Hogan

Assistant Principals:

Daniel Fauvell
Mandy Mazziotti
Erika Della Rosa
Bernie Soete


In The News

Hispanic Heritage Awards


Bellport HS Students Recognized for Academic Excellence at Town of Brookhaven 

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Town of Brookhaven students were honored by town officials for their academic achievement. Thirteen of our students were recognized for achieving an exemplary GPA during a ceremony highlighting the culture and achievements of the Hispanic community.

Pictured from left to right Councilman Kevin LaValle, students Sabrina Hernandez, Juris Martinez, Maria Pineda-Segura, Leslie Gonzales, Kala DiGiacomo, Daniela Vargas, Daniela Ulloa, Cristyl Colon, Legislator Tom Muratore, Councilman Dan Panico and Councilwoman Valerie Cartright.

Bellport High School Latin Awards Ceremony


A Latin Award Ceremony was held recently at the Bellport High School to celebrate all the accomplishments of Latin students. Forty-two students from all grades received awards for successfully
 participating in the National Latin Exam or for representing Bellport 
High School at the annual Latin Contest at Stony Brook University or for being a senior elected by classmates for leadership traits and 
inspiration in the study of classical language and culture (Nicole Powell, Talia Hughes, Gina Marie Falk and Cameron Colicchio).

John Friia, President of the Suffolk Classical Society also presented to senior Katheryn Martinez a scholarship awarded annually to a student from Suffolk schools who excelled in the study of Latin. Sophomore Laura Jenkins was awarded the “Perfect Score” Certificate from the Mary Washington University for her perfect score on the National Latin Exam

Latin students received  4 gold medals   (Laura Jenkins, August Johnson, Erin Berja, Cheyenne Cirillo-Watt); 10 silver  medals (Madison Edelstein, Ahmed Shata, James  Jankowski, Noah Devaney, Isabel Ospina, Gina Marie Falk, Jennifer Jara, Brian Gilligan, Bryanna Ray, Katheryn Martinez); 13 Magna Cum Laude certificates (Jose Diplan, Julia Feist, Elena Porcaro,Isabella Iadicicco, Edwin Garzon, Carissa Erickson, Daniel Ofori, Courtney Schordine, Aimee Abaldonado, Emily Dis, James Mizvesky,Connor Cipp, Kristina Foley); 15 Cum Laude certificates (Taylor Gonzalez, Brian Foley, Stephanie Perrodin, Giavanna Tims,Ajay Persaud,Connor Mulcahy, Shawn Pizzo, Brandi Beere, Chloe Ludlow, Kimberly Chavez, Gabby Desposito, Gavyn Hagemann, Samatha Colombo, Jalen Riddick, Grace Beemer).

Monday, October 20, 2014