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Office of Athletics, Health & Physical Education

Home of the "Clippers"

Mr. Robert McIntyre, Director


Welcome to the Athletic Department of the South Country Central School District, home to the Bellport Clippers.

We have an outstanding athletic program, which includes a number of championship teams.  Our nationally recognized Bellport Varsity Football Team won the Long Island Championship for the 6th time in 2010.  During that same season our Girls Volleyball Team won the Suffolk County Championship. The Varsity Boys Track 4 x 800 Relay Team won the Suffolk County Championship, the New York Relays and the Melrose games the past two years, and in 2012 the team won a league title.  Ninety percent of our varsity teams receive the New York State Scholar Team Award on an annual basis.  We are proud of our accomplishments and invite you to take a moment to explore our website.

For more information about our programs, please feel free to call my office at (631)730-1597 or email me at


Fall High School Sports Start Dates:
JV and Varsity Football - August 13th
JV and Varsity Soccer, Cross Country, Boys' Golf,
Girls' Tennis, Volleyball and Cheerleading - August 20th
All teams will meet at 8:00 am unless directed otherwise by their coach. Volleyball will meet in the girls' gymnasium and all other teams will meet in the boys' gymnasium.


Fall JV and Varsity Sports First Day Schedule Monday August 20th
Boys' Golf - 9:00 am, Outside the Boys Gym Lobby
Girls' Volleyball - 8:00 am, Girls' Gymnasium
Girls' Tennis - 8:00 am, Tennis Courts
Girls' Soccer - 8:00 am, Turf Field
Boys' Soccer - 8:00 am, Turf Field
Girls' Cross Country - 8:00 am, Boys Gym Lobby
Boys' Cross Country - 8:00 am, Boys Gym Lobby
Cheerleading - 8:00 am, Boys Gymnasium


In The News

JV and Varsity Girls’ Volleyball team up to fight breast cancer

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Bellport football’s homecoming victory

(By Andres Rivas, The Long Island Advance 10/11/18)

Bellport’s annual homecoming game was celebrated this past Saturday, when they came out on top with a 34-8 victory against Riverhead. 

Ahead of the game’s start, Gregg Giannotti of the WFAN “Boomer and Gio” show did the coin toss. Giannotti is an alumnus of the Bellport football program. Although the visiting team began with the ball, it wasn’t long before the Clippers forced a punt. Then, after seven plays and eight minutes of possession, Ka’Shaun Parrish rushed for 10 yards into the end zone, and went for an extra two as Myles Wilson caught the pass. 

In the second quarter, the Clippers found their rhythm and, after four plays, Parrish rushed for 41 yards as Christian Moreno added the extra point and Bellport led 15-0. The Blue Waves cut it to a one-possession game when Christian Pace threw a 14-yard pass to Anthony Marcello. Isaiah Barbieri added an extra two with a rush. The Clippers didn’t take long to make it a two-score game again, when a punt return to Parrish saw him end up at the opposing 10-yard line. DJ Trent was in charge of adding six more as he rushed into the end zone, with Moreno adding the extra point. 

“We were up two scores, but we humbled ourselves. The game wasn’t over and we needed to put the nail in the coffin,” said Trent. 

Bellport did just that coming out of halftime. A miscommunication in the Riverhead offense and pressure by the Clippers defense resulted in a fumble. Jhamari Bell recovered in the end zone for a touchdown. The Blue Waves had the ball once again as Kyler Pizzo intercepted it and rushed for 21 yards and Moreno added the extra point.

“It was very emotional for me thinking about it, being my last homecoming in Bellport. We needed the win to build a streak,” said Trent. “We [have to] stay focused and locked in and we need to have the same approach for the last three games.” 

More than 1,000 fans were in attendance. “The crowd was ecstatic,” said Wilson. “It was live, and it felt great to have them support us when we got into slumps or when we were scoring TDs. I love this. It was the best crowd I’ve seen in a while.” Bellport (3-2) now faces Half Hollow Hills East (1-4) on Saturday at Hills East at 1:30 p.m. The Thunderbirds allow an average of 38 points at home, while the Clippers average 29 points on the road. 

(Courtesy of The Long Island Advance 10/11/18)


(By Andres Rivas, The Long Island Advance 9/20/18)

Last year the Bellport girls varsity volleyball team finished with a 9-8 record (8-2 league) and fell in the first round of playoffs. This year they seek to continue the streak of consecutive years in making the playoffs and to be one of the best teams in League IV, as they have been the last four years. They have seven returning players: senior captains Jaelyn Conquest, Alyssa Mantione and Jamie Trowbridge. They also have Anecya Sutton, Tamia Lawson, Madison Baumann, Mia Suarez and Emma Bautista and have added Colleen Shaw, Sofia Gannon, Eva Colon, Samantha Rieb, Hanna Lupo, Isa-bella Caypinar and Emily Gentzel. “It’s always been a privilege playing with these girls; we’ve always had a good reputation for being a competitive team,” said Conquest.

Their first game began at home with a non-league game against Brentwood, who won one game last year. The Clippers won the game in straight sets 25-8, 25-21 and 25-10. Conquest had four kills, two digs, two blocks and two aces. Mantione had two kills, eight assists, five digs, a block and five aces. Trowbridge had two kills and four aces. Shaw, Gannon, Colon, Sutton and Lawson combined for nine kills and five aces. Baumann had a block and with Rieb, Lupo, Caypinar, Suarez, Gentzel and Bautista combined for 13 digs. With one victory in hand, Bellport was confident going into Hills East. Bellport defeated Half Hollow Hills East in five sets, 25-20, 23-25, 22-25, 25-16 and 25-23. Conquest had 13 kills, 15 digs, 11 blocks and three aces while serving. Mantione had 22 assists. Gentzel had 11 and 14 digs. Trowbridge had seven kills and 13 digs. Lawson had nine assists. Gannon, Lupo, Caypinar and Bautista combined for 14 digs. This was a good victory for the Clippers to gain confidence early in the season.

Their third and final game of the week was their first league game, where they played Comsewogue at home. They rolled over the Warriors, cruising in straight sets 25-7, 25-9 and 25-9. Mantione had three kills and nine assists. Lawson had two kills, six aces and nine assists. Lupo had four assists. Conquest had four kills and three blocks. Rieb, Sutton, Gentzel, Colon and Gannon combined for eight kills, while Caypinar, Suarez and Baumann combined for six digs. “Having the support of our fans and schoolmates will motivate us and help us rise to the occasion,” added Trowbridge.
(Courtesy of The Long Island Advance 9/20/18)

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Bellport football takes convincing victory

(By Andres Rivas, The Long Island Advance 9/20/18)

After a war between West Islip and Bellport last week ended in a close loss, the Bellport Clippers got back on track, blowing out Smithtown East 48-7.

In last week’s showdown between the Lions and the Clippers, a rematch of the 2016 playoffs, the Lions outdueled the Clippers 29-28 in a game that went down to the wire. Before heading to the road, Bellport had one more game against Smithtown  East, who defeated Copiague 42-13 in their first week of the 2018-19 season.

In the opening possession, Ka’Shaun Parrish threw a 40-yard ball to DJ Trent, which looked to be caught by him, as he had the ball in his hands when the play ended, but the referees ruled an interception.  Smithtown East capitalized off of this, scoring a touchdown and leading 7-0, but from there on, the home team brought out its artillery.

After the kickoff, Parrish threw a 75-yard pass to Myles Wilson in the first play of the drive for a touchdown and Bellport trailed by one. In the second quarter, the Clippers scored 29 unanswered points. A factor that started this was Wilson blocking a punt inside the red zone with 11:38 remaining. Parrish then threw a 30-yard touchdown pass to Pizzo, who ran for two extra points. Four minutes later, Trent found space and ran for 40 yards all the way to the end zone. Christian Moreno was in charge of adding the extra point.

With five minutes remaining, Wilson blocked the punt from the Bulls as Kyler Pizzo recovered the ball and ran for 44 yards all the way into the end zone and Moreno added the extra point. With a minute left in the half, Bellport got the ball back and reached the red zone, where Parrish rushed for six yards for a  touchdown. Moreno added his third extra point of the afternoon.

The defense for the Clippers kept holding it down, refusing to let the visiting team convert on fourth down and on third downs, forcing them to punt or give the ball up. In the fourth quarter with a little under 10 minutes remaining, the Clippers were a threat as Jhamari Bell rushed for six yards into the end zone as Moreno added the extra point. The Clippers weren’t done, as Shaun Bolton rushed 60 yards to add six more to the board.

“We knew the game wasn’t going to be easy, but we battled back after facing adversity and came together and got the job done,” said Wilson. “We started clicking on offense and defense and we were happy with the result.” 

Bellport (1-1) will now hit the road for the next two weeks, where they will face Centereach (1-1) and Smithtown West (2-0). 

“We have to work hard all week; we need to key in on the little things. Most importantly, we have to be disciplined and focus on the little things,” added Trent.

(Courtesy of The Long Island Advance 9/20/18)

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Two victories for Bellport soccer

(By Andres Rivas, The Long Island Advance 9/13/18)

After reaching the playoffs for the first time in nine years, the Bellport soccer team is looking forward to keeping in that direction this season by winning League III. It won’t be an easy task for the Clippers, as they have Newfield, Smithtown East, North Babylon and Huntington in their division. They also have Deer Park and West Islip, who they defeated in their senior game last year to make playoffs and break the nine-year drought. The team is counting on their senior captains Steven Williamson, Samuel Hampson, Justin Barbecho, Jonathan Ulloa and Gerson Granados. Their first game on Sept. 1 was against Huntington, ranked No. 6 in the county last year. The Clippers got the start they wanted, dominating on their half for the initial 15 minutes, playing with through passes and had two shots on target. After 19 minutes, Josiah Igwe got a chance to break the tie and he converted. From there on, there was an aggression-style of football from the away team, but it was 1-0 headed to the break. After the break, the game changed; three minutes in, Huntington made it 1-1 with an effort inside the box. With little less than a half-hour remaining, Huntington found the space they needed to get a breakaway, and after they got inside the box they wouldn’t miss. Five minutes later Bellport had their chance to tie through Leo Argueta, but was denied by the goalkeeper. In the ending minutes, there was a controversy on a cross to the box. The ball ended up in the back of the net for the Clippers to make it 2-2, but the referee called it back and said he didn’t see it. Coaches on the Bellport side claimed the goalie grabbed it from inside the net, but the game rolled on and the Blue Devils took the victory. “After a good season last year, the boys and I want to improve. We have a great team this year and could do big things if we stay mentally strong and have each other’s backs.” said Ulloa. The next game on Sept. 4 was against Centereach, who tied in their first game of the season against Comsewogue. The Clippers managed to defeat the Cougars 3-1. Throughout the game they passed the ball from side to side, looking for through balls and striking first. Igwe scored his second goal and put his team up 1-0 after 15 minutes. Centereach looked for a counter attack, but Barbecho pressed the man at midfield and intercepted it; he then gave a through ball to Argueta to make it 2-0. With five minutes left in the half, there was a foul inside the box and Centereach cut the lead to 2-1 with a penalty from Eric Beukelaer. In the second half, Bellport continued to have possession of the ball and there was a foul inside the box with 15 minutes remaining, and Maicon Contreras converted from the spot. “We need to have the same mentality to win and become better as a team,” said Barbecho. Heading back home on Sept. 6, the Clippers wanted to make it two straight wins and soon took their first win in front of their fans against Comsewogue, with a convincing 3-0 result. Ten minutes in, a cross from Barbecho at the 40-yard line went in the box, where Cruz converted to make it 1-0. Then Troy Zarba took a free kick and Contreras finished it for his second goal in three games. In the second half, the Clippers maintained the lead and increased it when Cruz got a brace off a Williamson assist. But with four games in five days, the fatigue caught up to the Clippers and they were defeated 7-2 by North Babylon on Sept. 8. Contreras scored his third goal of the year, a penalty, and Igwe did as well. “We have a super-talented team and when we’re playing in form no one can beat us. We just have to stay focused and remain as one,” added Hampson. Bellport (2-2) will now face Newfield (3-0) next Monday at 4 p.m. at Bellport High School. 

(Courtesy of The Long Island Advance 9/13/18)

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